Wie Sie Personen korrekt ansprechen

How to address people correctly

Wir alle wollen ,richtig‘ angesprochen werden. So vermeiden Sie peinliche Fehler bei der Anrede.

In the UK and USA, first names are used by virtually everybody in a company – from the managing director to the cleaning lady.

If you are introduced to someone nand don’t know whether to call them by their first name or their family name, you can ask “What would you like me to call you?”

The first time you talk to someone you do not know, use their courtesy title. Here is a table with courtesy titles that will help you choose the correct form of address

 Form of address Comments
a manMr Brent 
a womanMs Walton‘Ms’ is pronounced ‘mizz’
a woman, when you 
know she is married
Mrs Walton 
a single womanMiss Waltonold-fashioned, only use ‘Miss’ if the
woman says “Please call me Miss”
a medical doctorDr Brent, Dr
Say Dr + surname first, then drop the
other doctorsDr Hardy 
a professorProfessor Laurel,
Say Professor + surname first, then
drop the surname
a judge
Your Honour

It is not very likely that you will meet a member of the royal family, but more and more sportspeople, musicians and businesspeople are being awarded honorary knighthoods. For example, Sir Mick Jagger or Sir Richard Branston (Virgin Air). So, in case you do meet someone with a “title”, this is how you address them.


Form of addressComments
a knightSir Mick
Knights are addressed by their first names
a dameLady Mary
Dames are addressed by their first names
a dukeYour Lord

a duchessYour Ladyship

a princessYour Highness

a prince
Your Highness

the QueenYour Majesty

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