Englische Anrede - mit oder ohne Punkt?

Sie wollen es genau wissen? Wann kommt im Englischen nach Anreden ein Punkt? Die Auflösung finden Sie hier.

A stickler is someone with a zerotolerance attitude to something. A stickler for hygiene will go aroundcleaning every available working surface.

A stickler for punctuation is someonewho wants to know the exact why and wherefore of every single rule.

So for all you sticklers out there, here is the definitive guide of when and when not to use a full-stop in an abbreviation. In British English there is no full stop (.) after a title which is shortened if the last letter is the same as the last letter of the full title. When the last letter is different, you use a full-stop.


Mister = Mr
Missus = Mrs
Doctor = Dr, but
Professor = Prof.

In American English periods (fullstops) are usually used after all courtesy titles – Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Prof.

If you show this to a native speaker, don’t be surprised if they look at you in amazement.

They may never have heard of this rule – unless they are sticklers.


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