Test: Können Sie gut mit aufgebrachten Kunden am Telefon umgehen?

Can you deal with angry customers?

Sie haben es leider immer wieder mit verärgerten und aufgebrachten Kunden am Telefon zu tun. Erinnern Sie sich noch an die ASAP-Methode?

The best way to deal with angry customers is the ASAP Method. This does not mean dealing with them a soon as possible (asap). In this case, ASAP takes on a new meaning. Find out if you know how to use this method with this quiz.

1. What does ASAP stand for?

a Apologise, Stand up, Appreciate, Participate
b Accept, Specialise, Acknowledge, Prepare
c Acknowledge, Sympathise, Accept, Prepare
d Appreciate, Specialise, Accept, Participate


2. Which phrase is best to start your conversation with an angry customer?

a I’m sorry this happened.
b Are you sure I’m the right person to help you?
c What do you want us to do about this?
d I will fix your problem.


3. What do you do if the customer is the one who created the problem?

a Tell him you’re not responsible.
b You should still sympathise with the customer.
c You should still apologise for the inconvenience.


4. Can you blame another department if they are responsible?

a Yes, if they created the problem.
b No, I still take responsibility trying to solve the problem.


5. The P in ASAP means you should.....

a participate in the actions that will be taken
b prepare to take action
c prepare to stay calm
d participate in the conversation actively


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Answers: 1 c), 2 a), 3 b), 4 b), 5 b)