Test: Können Sie gut mit schwierigen Anrufern umgehen?

Dealing with difficult phone calls

Mit schwierigen Anrufern umzugehen ist für Sie als Sekretärin eine Herausforderung. Wissen Sie noch, wie Sich sich höflich und dennoch professionell abgrenzen? Diese Aufgabe wird Sie daran erinnern.


As a secretary, you often have to cope with difficult people on the phone. It is vital that you act politely but at the same time professionally. Remind yourself how to be polite and professional with this exercise. These sentences tell you how to behave, but the letters in some words are jumbled up. Put them in the right order for some tips on dealing with difficult phone calls.

1 Make sure your body language is  s – s – e – t – e – v – i – a – r. (bestimmt)

2 Sometimes it helps if you  p – p – a – l – e – a to the caller’s common sense. (appellieren)

3 When you have to deal with difficult callers, it’s good to have lots of phrases at your i – p – d – s – l – o – s – a. (Verfügung)

4 Always show a n – n – i – u – g – e – e interest in callers’ problems. (ernsthaft)

Never let yourself be  e – c – r – o – c – d – e into putting people through to your boss. (genötigt)

If you offer to call back, ask which time would be most  o – t – i – e - c – n – e – n – v – n for them. (passend)


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Answers: 1 – assertive, 2 – appeal, 3 – disposal, 4 – genuine, 5 – coerced, 6 – convenient