So reagieren Sie am Telefon professionell, wenn Ihr Chef gerade außer Reichweite ist

How to handle an urgent call for your absent boss

Sie wissen, dass das Gespräch wichtig ist, aber Ihr Chef ist gerade nicht da. So reagieren Sie professionell.

If you get an urgent call for your boss but he or she is not there you have a number of options. Either offer to find him or her, to take a message or to find someone else who can deal with the call. If your boss is at a different location, give the caller another number where he or she can be reached.


  • He’s not there right now, but if you’d like to hold on I can try and find him.
  • I’m sorry he’s not at his desk right now. Would you like to leave a message?
  • If you like, I can put you through to Harald Schneider in R&D.
  • He’s at the head office right now. Shall I give you the number?
  • Mr Bloch is at the Bonn branch office at themoment. Shall I have the call transferred?
  • You could try to reach her on 6810588.
  • He should have his mobile / cell phone turned on. Do you have the number?


If the caller asks you to take a message

Note down what they say, promise to pass the message on and ask when the best time to call back would be.

  • One moment please, I’ll make a note of this.
  • Just let me get a pen / note pad to jot that down.
  • Who shall I say called?
  • I’ll make sure she gets your message as soon as she gets back to the office.
  • I’ll see that he gets yourmessage.
  • I’ll pass your message on to the person responsible right away.
  • How long can you be reached on this number?
  • When would be a good time for Mr Degen to call you back?


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