So besprechen Sie Ihren Anrufbeantworter über die Weihnachtstage

What to say on your Christmas voicemail message

Wenn Sie über die Weihnachtszeit für einen längeren Zeitraum nicht erreichbar sind, sollten Sie eine entsprechende Nachricht auf Ihrem Anrufbeantworter hinterlassen. Nutzen Sie diese Vorlagen für professionelle Abwesenheitsnachrichten.


If you are out of the office for a number of days over the Christmas period, leave a specialmessage on your voicemail. Here are some ideas for you to use.


  • You have reached Susanne Schmidt’s voicemail. The office is closed over Christmas and the New Year . I will be back at my desk on the second of January. You may leave a message and I will get back to you on January the third at the latest. Have a happy holiday season.
  • This is Berger Information Systems in Berlin. It’s Christmas in Germany and we are all on holiday until the second of January. You can leave a message, or call the emergency hotline on 030123123. Have a happy holiday season.
  • This is APS International inMunich. Our offices are operating with a skeleton staff over Christmas and the New Year. To talk to emergency customer service, please press one, to talk tomaintenance, please press two. Or leave a message after the tone. We will call you back after the holiday period on the second of January.


Tell callers how to skip the message

If your voicemail system has a special feature that allows callers to bypass the greeting, include that in your announcement.

  • To bypass this announcement and leave a message, press the hash key (AE) / pound key (BE) and begin speaking after the tone.


Leave your fax and email address

Some callers may just want to send you a fax or an email. If your greeting tells them how to do it, you won’t need to call them back.

  • If you need to send a fax, that number is 111-123-123.Or please visit ourwebsite at www(double-u, double-u, double-u) website-name dot com for more information. Or send me an email at my-name at address dot de. Have a great holiday season.


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