So unterbrechen Sie Ihren Gesprächspartner am Telefon auf freundliche Art

How to interrupt someone on the phone

Ihr Gesprächspartner erzählt Ihnen etwas, was Sie gar nicht wissen wollen, Sie sind nicht die richtige Ansprechpartnerin, oder Sie kommen gar nicht zuWort. So unterbrechen Sie den Redefluss Ihres Gesprächspartners, ohne unhöflich zu sein.


As children, we learn never to interrupt other people when they are speaking. But what do you do when the person you are talking to should be telling his problems to someone else? Or when you need to tell him or her something urgently? Or, simply, when you can’t get a word in edgeways? Here are some useful phrases for interrupting people on the phone without sounding impolite.

  • I’m sorry to interrupt you but I need to put you through to customer services.
  • May I interrupt you for a moment? I think you need to talk to someone else.
  • Sorry to butt in here, but I need to look up some information.
  • Could I just finish what I was saying?
  • If you don’t mind, I’m not quite finished.
  • If I could just go back to the point I was making about travel arrangements.



Can you interrupt people politely on the phone?

Häufig haben Sie es mit Anrufern zu tun, die zu schnell reden, undeutlich sprechen oder mit Ihnen den falschen Ansprechpartner am Apparat haben. Testen Sie, wie gut Sie mit diesen schwierigen Situationen umgehen.

Choose the right word for these sentences to interrupt people as politely as possible.

1 Sorry, could you just slow / slower / slowing down a bit.

2 If you don’t care / mind / get bothered, I didn’t quite understand the last digit.

3 Sorry to buff / bluff / butt in here, but I’ll need to check that with my boss.

4 I’m sorry to interrupt but I’m not quite finished / ended / stopped yet.

5 I’m sorry to interrupt you but I think this is the wrong departure / departed / deparment.

6 If I could just take you back / go back / think back to the point I was making about the Christmas party.

7 May / Shall / Can I just interrupt you for a moment?

8 I’m sorry to interrupt you but I’ll need to take / put / transfer you through to customer services.



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1 slow, 2 mind, 3 butt, 4 finished, 5 department, 6 go back, 7 May, 8 put