So organisieren Sie Besprechungen einfach am Telefon

How to organise a meeting by phone

Wenn Sie eine Besprechung organisieren, ist es sinnvoll, mit den Teilnehmern vorab über mögliche Termine zu sprechen. Sonst kann es passieren, dass der Termin nicht günstig ist. So fragen Sie höflich nach, ob die Teilnehmer am vorgesehenen Termin Zeit haben.


In the preliminary planning stages of a meeting check in advance if the most important participants are available for the date you have planned.

Offer some alternative dates, or ask them to come up with some alternatives. Once you have ascertained that the most important people will be there, you can go ahead and schedule the meeting. This is how you do it in English.

  • I’m calling about our next meeting.
  • I’m calling to fix a date for our next meeting.
  • I’m trying to arrange a meeting on August the ninth. (BE) Are you free then?
  • Would you be available for a meeting on August nine? (AE)
  • If he can’t make the twelfth, perhaps you could email me some alternatives.
  • I’d like to know if you would be available on one of these dates. August the eighth, the ninth or the fourteenth.
  • At the moment, we’re looking at three alternative dates – the tenth, eleventh or fifteenth of August.
  • Could you check her diary and get back to me with some alternative suggestions?


If someone calls you and asks if your boss is available on a certain date, use these phrases.

  • Let me just check his / her diary.
  • Yes, that’s fine.
  • That’s fine. I’ll pencil it in and wait for your confirmation.
  • I’m afraid he can’t make it. He has another appointment that day.
  • I’m afraid she won’t be able to attend the meeting. She’s on vacation until the end of August.
  • I’ll check with him and get back to you tomorrow morning.


Do you know how to organise a meeting by phone?

Wissen Sie, wie Sie am Telefon Teilnehmer über eine geplante Besprechung informieren? Hier können Sie üben.

1 I’m trying to a_______________a meeting on September 18.

2 Are you f__________ on August 3?

3 Let me c______ my bosses d___________.

4 I’m calling to f_______________a d____________ for our next meeting.

5 I’m sorry but I can’t m____________ it . I have another a____________ that

6 I’m afraid he won't be able to a____________ the meeting.

7 I’ll c_________ with my boss and g_______ back to you tomorrow.

8 Would it be possible to p___________ the meeting to December 2?

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Answers: 1. arrange  2. free 3. check / diary 4. fix / date 5. make / appointment 6. attend 7. check / get 8. postpone