So besprechen Sie Ihre Mailbox bei längerer Abwesenheit

How to leave a professional ‘out of the office’ voicemail message

Sie fahren in den Urlaub, müssen ins Krankenhaus oder sind auf einer Geschäftsreise. So besprechen Sie Ihre Mailbox, wenn Sie länger abwesend sind.

In Secretary Today 8/05 you read about how to make your voicemail speak for you by keeping it friendly easy to understand, helpful and short. You als learned how to invite callers to leave a message. But what happens when you are away for a prolonged period of time? If you are going on a long-deserved holiday or a business trip, or if you are in hospital for an operation, you won’t want to be inundated with voicemail messages when you get back.

In many companies, you can have your calls redirected to the switchboard or to a co-worker. But in others, you have to inform callers about your absence.


This is what to include in your message


  • the name of your company and your name
  • a ‘thank you’ for calling
  • an apology
  • a statement that you are away from the office
  • the date when you will be back
  • the details of a colleague who is standing in for you


Here are some examples of messages you could leave:

Hello, you’ve reached ABC Sales, thank you for calling. This is Mandy Parsons. I am out of the office until the first of September. Until then, Mary Smith will beglad to take your calls. You can reach her on 0228 336357 …

This is Smith and Sons, Jennifer Smith speaking. Thank you for calling. I am sorry I can’t talk to you as I am out of the office until September the eleventh. In urgent matters, please call Harry Hall on 0228 1800686 … Harry is fullyinformed on current projects and will be pleased to help you.

Remember to speak slowly and clearly and to say the numbers separately, i.e. don’t say ‘thirty-three, sixty-three, fifty-seven’ but ‘three three (or ‘double three’) six three five seven’.


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