So geben Sie Feedback per Telefon

How to give feedback on the phone

Je nachdem, wie das Projekt läuft, müssen Sie Ihrem Gesprächspartner eine positive oder negative Rückmeldung geben. Dafür brauchen Sie ein sicheres Stilgefühl. Lesen Sie hier, welche Adjektive Sie verwenden müssen und wie Sie sie professionell anwenden.

When you talk about the project planning process on the phone you will often have to give feedback – positive or negative – to the person at the other end of the line.

You might want to say that your boss is very happy that the project is on time, or that he or she is worried that things are not going well. You may have to say your boss in angry.

This vocabulary will help you. It is a list of commonly used adjectives and prepositions they are usually followed by. It will help you to find the right word – and the right tone – for whoever you are talking to.


Look through the list, then look at the sentences and insert the correct preposition. You can use the completed sentences next time you have to talk about project planning on the phone.

afraid of
angry about
annoyed about / with
confused about
delighted with
different from
disappointed with / about
dissatisfied with
doubtful about
enthusiastic about
excited about
happy about / with
interested in
pleased with
proud of
satisfied with
serious about
similar to
sorry about
suitable for
surprised about
unhappy about / with


Mr Jones is a little angry (1) ______ the mistakes made last week and he’s not happy (2) ______ the delay. He is also confused  (3) ______ some of the details you mentioned. They are different  (4) ______ what you discussed.

I’m afraid Ms Wagner is quite disappointed (5) ______ the way the launch phase is being handled. She asked me to tell you she was happy (6) ______ the way things are running in general but she is doubtful (7) ______ the results of last week’s meeting.

I’m phoning to say that everybody here is very enthusiastic (8) ______ the way the project is developing. We are exited (9) ______ being given the green light. We’re very interested (10) ______ seeing how much progress we make in the next three weeks. Altogether, we’re  delighted (11) ______ developments.

John says he is very proud (12) ______ the way the whole team is pulling together. He’s satisfied (13) ______ all of you and knows that you are very serious (14) ______ reaching the targets we set. 

The time constraints we encountered are very similar (15) ______  the ones you told us about. A time limit like this is not suitable  (16) ______ proper project development. We are very surprised (17) ______ the new deadline.



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Answers: (1) about (2) about (3) about (4) from (5) with / about (6) with / about  (7) about (8) about (9) about (10) in (11) with (12) of (13) with (14) about (15) to (16) for (17) about