So beschweren Sie sich höflich aber bestimmt am Telefon

How to complain about delivery problems on the phone

Sie warten schon zu lange auf eine wichtige Lieferung oder die Verpackung ist nicht in Ordnung? So beschweren Sie sich höflich, aber bestimmt am Telefon und schlagen eine Lösung vor.


You have been waiting far too long for an important consignment, or the goods that arrived are damaged because they were badly packed. Use these telephone phrases to make polite and professional complaints and to suggest how the matter can be put right.



Use these phrases to make your complaints professional

  • If a delivery is late

We ordered 4 cases of spare parts on March the seventh, but we haven’t received the goods yet. Can you tell me what’s gone wrong?

Our order ABC123 is four weeks overdue. What’s the matter?

The consignment we complained about two weeks ago only arrived today. We have no use for it any more.

We’re wondering why there’s such a long delay. Have the computers left the warehouse yet?

It’s the third or fourth time you’ve failed to meet the delivery date.


  • If the goods are damaged

I have to complain about the careless packing of the last consignment of mobile phones.

You did not secure the crates with metal straps as we asked you.

The cardboard boxes were much too light for such a heavy consignment.

The sacks were not strong enough. Some of them burst and the contents
ran out.

The flaps on the cartons came unstuck. You must have used poorquality glue.


How to suggest a solution

You may want to suggest a solution to the problem. Here are some phrases you can use.

  • If the delivery was delayed

Can you give me a reliable estimate when you will be able to deliver the goods? We are willing to extend the delivery period by two weeks. But that’s the absolute limit. After that we’ll have to implement the penalty clause.

We have no use for the leaflets you sent us. We can either return them at your expense or destroy them.


  • If the goods were damaged

We are returning the goods and cancelling your invoice no. 12345.

The important thing is that yousend us a replacement as soon as possible. We can discuss all the other details in writing.

We must have the replacement by Friday. So we must insist you send them by air – at your expense, of course.

We would be prepared to keep the goods if you agree to a price reduction
of 20%.


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