So machen Sie Reservierungen am Telefon

How to make hotel arrangements on the phone

Bei der Hotelreservierung greifen wir oft zum Telefon. So fragen Sie sich sicher und professionell durch, wenn Sie auf Englisch eine Reservierung machen müssen.

Although a lot of hotel reservations are made online, we still often pick up the phone if we need a fast reply ormif we have questions about a certain hotel.

When you book a hotel for your boss, give


  • his or her name
  • your name as contact person
  • your telephone number


How to ask for a room

Do you have any rooms available from the first to the fifth of May?I'm sorry, we're fully booked until the end of May.
I'm sorry, we're full up.
I’d like to reserve/book a single room with shower for two nights from the second to the fourth of May.Certainly, madam. Just hold on while I check.
 I need a double room from the thirty-first of May to the second
of June.
I'll just check if we have any vacancies.
Have you got any vacancies for tomorrow night?
Would you like a smoking or non-smoking room?

How to ask the price of a room

How much is a twin room?It's £195 including breakfast.
Could you tell me the price of a single room, please?That'll be £120.
Does that include breakfast?
No, it doesn't. There is full English breakfast for £25 per person. Or there is continental breakfast for £15.
The breakfast buffet costs £30.
Are there special rates for people attending the conference?
Yes, there are …
No, I'm afraid there aren't.

How to book a room

I’ll take it.OK. Could you confirm your reservation in writing?
That’s fine. I’d like to make a booking. Thank you, madam. Let me take down your details.
The name of the guest is Franz Lange.
Thank you. So that's one single room for Mr Franz Lange, arriving on the second of May and leaving on the fifth of May. We'll send you an email with the confirmation and would like you to confirm the details.
Certainly. Would you like an email or a fax?
Yes, an email or a fax would be fine.
Could you give me your fax number, please?
Yes, certainly.

How to give additional information

Mr Lange will be checking in rather late. At around midnight. Could you hold the room for him, please?
Yes, certainly. If you'd like to give me a credit card number, I can keep the room for him until he arrives. The reception desk is open until 2 am. After that, he can call the night porter. 

How to cancel a reservation

I made a reservation for the second of May for Franz Lange.  ’m sorry, but I’ll have to cancel it. The conference has been called off. Oh I see. I'll cancel it then. Would you like to make a new  reservation?
No, not at the moment. I’ll call back when the conference has been rescheduled.OK. Thank you very much. Goodbye.
What’s the last date I can cancel without having to pay a cancellation fee?
There is a fee of 10% for rooms cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

Continental breakfast

a light breakfast, typically consisting of coffee and rolls or croissants with butter and jam or marmelade.

Full English breakfast

fruit juice and cereal followed by bacon, fried or
scrambled egg, sausage, grilled mushrooms, fried bread,
baked beans, fried tomatoes, toast, butter, jam and
marmelade. Tea or coffee.


Types of room

single room 
double roomDoppelzimmer
twin room
Zimmer mit 2 Einzelbetten
en suite Zimmer mit Badezimmer
King-size bed (US)
ca. 2 m breit
Queen-size bed (US)ca. 1.50 m breit
with shower
mit Dusche
with bath
mit Badedwanne
full board
half board


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