Beachten Sie diese Regeln, wenn Sie Ihr Telefon auf Lautsprecher stellen

Use these etiquette rules for the speakerphone

Diese Regeln sollten Sie beachten, bevor Sie Ihr Telefon auf Lautsprecher stellen.

Most people hate being put on a speakerphone. Perhaps they feel the other person is not giving them his or her undivided attention, or maybe they are wondering how many other people in the office are going to be listening in on the conversation.

The important rule in speakerphone etiquette is to ask permission before turning it on. Also, let the caller know why it will be to their benefit.

“Tony, John McKenzie is in my office. I’d like him to benefit from your feedback. Do you mind if I put the speakerphone on?”
“Julia, is it OK if I put you on speakerphone? I need both my hands free to look for the information you need on my computer.”

If asked, people will rarely turn down your request to be put on speakerphone. But if they do, respect their wishes so your question does not sound like an
empty phrase.

When you’re not asked

What should you do if you’re put on a speakerphone without being asked and suddenly find yourself talking to the whole office? Ask the person to pick up his or her phone and take your call.

“Would you very much mind picking up the receiver to talk to me?”

If you don’t know the person well or are afraid of offending them with your request, say  “I’m sorry but I can’t hear you very well. Have you put me on speakerphone?” In most cases, the person will automatically pick up the receiver.


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