Gewinnen Sie das Telefon - Versteckspiel

Winning at telephone tag

Sie kennen das bestimmt. Sie rufen für Ihren Chef beim Kunden an, der Kunde ist nicht da. Er ruft zurück, Ihr Chef ist nicht da. Es ist manchmal wie Fangen spielen … So unterbrechen Sie den Teufelskreis.

Telephone tag is that annoying game we play so often when we need to talk with someone on the phone. We phone them, they’re not there. They call back, we’re not there. All we have are messages on voicemail and a lot of wasted time. 


Cut down on the amount of time spent playing this frustrating game with these four tips:

1 When you are talking to someone and you need to follow up, schedule a time  convenient to both of you for the next call.

2 If the person you want is not there and someone else answers their phone, say what you want. Maybe this person will be able to help you, or at least tell you when the person you want will be back.

3 Be courteous to administrative staff. Ask for their advice on when it is best to call again.

4 If you have to leave a message on voicemail, be specific. Don’t say “Call me back as soon as possible”. Say something like “I need to speak to you about the Brown project. Can you call back tomorrow at 9? I’ll be waiting for your call. If you can’t make it then, send me an email with an alternative suggestion.
Thanks a lot. Bye.”


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