So setzen Sie sich am Telefon durch

How to get what you want on the phone

Sie sind unzufrieden mit einer Dienstleistung, einem Produkt oder einer Lieferung und Sie wollen sich beschweren? Mit diesen Tipps von Secretary Today treffen Sie immer den richtigen Ton und setzen sich durch.

The telephone is usually  the first step to take when you need to complain about a product or service. With some luck, you will be able to get the problem resolved immediately.


Before making the call, ask yourself the following questions

What went wrong?

Are you waiting for a delivery that is overdue? Does your computer keep crashing? Does some new equipment not work?

What exactly do I want?

A replacement / an apology? Some help on the phone?

Are there any alternatives?

A refund? Alternative goods? Have the goods repaired or exchanged?

What would I do to solve the problem?

Apologize / send a new  consignment / offer a refund


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