Sind Sie auf dem Laufenden was Handys angeht?

How mobile-savvy are you?

Handys werden immer komplizierter. Haben Sie auch manchmal das Gefühl,dass Sie gar nicht mehr mitkommen? Mit diesem kleinen Test können Sie herausfinden, wie viel Sie wirklich über die neue Technologie wissen.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he said its ‘great advantage’ was ‘the fact that it requires no skill to operate the instrument’. What would he think of the instruction manual for a mobile phone with SMS, MMS, instant messaging, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, integrated camera withvideo mode and internet browser?

But how much do you know about the latest devices and technology? Test your knowledge of mobile telephony by matching the following list of words (a – j) with their definitions (1 – 10).

a. voice mail             1. a signal when someone is trying to reach you

b. voice dailling        2. a light in the display or beneath the keypad of a phone

c. alert                     3. short-range wireless technology that allows information
                                    to be exchanged between mobile phones that are                                                                            within 100 meters of each other

d. pound key (AE),   4. a spoken keyword you can use to activate a certain
    hash key (BE)           function of your phone.

e. backlight              5. a service to send, store, and retrieve audio messages –
                                   can be used as a telephone answering machine.

f. speed dialling,      6. additional pieces of equipment like batteries, chargers,
   hot key                     headsets, car kits, and carrying cases

g. enhancements    7. a pattern of a message you can store in the phone for
                                    texts you send regularly

h. Bluetooth            8. the function key #

i. voice command     9. making a call by saying the name of the recipient

j. template              10. a feature that lets you connect to a phone number by
                                     pressing one key.


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Answers: a – 5; b – 9; c – 1; d – 8; e – 2; f – 10; g – 6; h – 3; i – 4; j – 7