Test: Überlebensstrategien für's Telefon

Test yourself: telephone survival techniques

Testen Sie, wie viele Überlebensstrategien Sie bereits kennen.


1. The caller is talking about a subject you know nothing about.
2. The person is spelling something and is having difficulty with the alphabet.
3. The person has a strong accent
4. The person is speaking too fast.
5. The person is speaking too low.
6. The caller is obviously on a mobile phone and the signal is weak.
7. You are having difficulty understanding numbers or figures.
8. There is a lot of interference on the line.
9. The person is giving you too much information at one time.
10. You feel you cannot go on with the call because you can’t understand enough.

Suitable phrase

a) It’s a bad line. Could you say that again please?
b) I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that. Can you repeat it please?
c) Could you say that again more slowly, please?
d) I’m sorry, I didn’t catch all that. Could you repeat it, please?
e) Is that ‘a’ as in Alpha, ‘e’ as in Echo, ‘g’ as in Golf, etc.?
f) I’m afraid I don’t know anything about that. I’ll put you through to somebody responsible.
g) I’ll just repeat that to make sure I understood properly … five – oh – two – three …
h I’m afraid you’re breaking up.
i) I’m afraid I can’t hear you very well. Could you speak up, please?
j) Hold the line please. I’ll find someone who can talk better English.

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Lösung: 1 – f; 2 – e; 3 – b; 4 – c; 5 – i; 6 – h; 7 – g; 8 – a; 9 – d; 10 – j.