Englisch fürs Telefon: Wie Sie zu Ihrer Zielperson gelangen.

English for the telephone: How to get through to the person you want

Sie sind in der Telefonzentrale einer Firma oder Institution gelandet und wollen mit Ihrem gewünschten Gesprächspartner verbunden werden.
Suchen Sie sich nach dem Baukastenprinzip zusammen, wie Sie sich vorstellen möchten und wie Sie nach Ihrem Gesprächspartner fragen können.

Combine phrases from the three columns to choose your favourite greeting.

Part 1
Part 2
 Part 3
Hellothis is English Communication
Limited, Jean Lennox speaking.
I’d like to speak to Patricia Ludwig, please.
Good morningBettina Vogel speaking.Could you put me through to John Krause, please?
Good afternoonthis is Bohle AG. I’m Susanne Klein, Thomas Wagner’s secretary.Mr Wagner would like to speak to Angela Forsdike, please.
Yes, good morning1GKG in Bonn, this is Susanne Klein from the press department.Is John Fitzpatrick there, please?

Always say “please” at the end of the sentence. Putting “please” too early in a sentence could make your request look like a command.


Once you have introduced yourself and said who you want to speak to, the receptionist might ask you one of the following questions:
See if you can match the questions with the answers in 30 seconds.



1 Can you tell me what it’s about?
2 I’m sorry; I didn’t catch your name. Could you repeat it please?
3 Who’s calling?



A It’s about the meeting next week / the AGM / some travel arrangements.
B I’m returning your call.
C I’m Sylvia Lang from BBB Brown.
D It’s Brown, Sylvia Brown.


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Lösung: 1 + A/B; 2 + D; 3 + C.