Reservierungen per Telefon vornehmen

Making reservations on the telephone

Gar nicht so einfach, auf Englisch Reservierungen vorzunehmen. Mit „Secretary Today“ aber sind Sie bestens gerüstet.

When you make a reservation on the telephone, make sure you have all the necessary data on your desk. 

If there are any complicated names, practice spelling them beforehand.

Depending on where you are making the reservation, you might want to use the English alphabet, which is printed below.

English Telephone Alphabet

A  Alfred     B Benjamin
C  Charles  D David
E  Edward  F  Frederick
G George   H  Harry
I Isaac       J  Jack
K King        L  London
M  Mary      N  Nellie
O Oliver      P  Peter
Q Queen    R  Robert
S Samuel   T  Tommy
U Uncle       V  Victor
W William   X  X-ray
Y Yellow     Z  Zebra

Remember always to say ‘please’ at the end of the sentence and not at the beginning. At the beginning, it can sound impolite.

Example for a hotel reservation

● Hello, this is Mary Cornell from MDS-Deutschland. I’d like to book a room for two nights, arriving on the 26th and leaving on the 28th of June.
● Will that be a double or a single, madam?
● A single, please.
● I’ll see what I can do. Hold on please …
Yes, I can offer you a single with shower, air conditioning and TV for eighty pounds.
● Does that include breakfast?
● Yes, madam. It includes full breakfast and access to the Business Health Club.
● That sounds fine. I’ll take it.
● Can you give me your details, please?
● Certainly. It’s for Markus Hoffmann from MDS-Deutschland.
● And what time will Mr Hoffmann be arriving?
● At about half ten in the morning.
● That’s fine. We look forward to seeing him. Can I do anything else for you?
● No thanks, that’s all. Goodbye.
● Goodbye.

Intercultural tip
You will probably be offered the following alternatives: single, double or twin room. A single room has one single bed, a double has one large bed and a twin has two beds, one of which is often larger than the other (französisches Bett). In the USA a lot of hotels will offer you standard or king-size beds, which are over 2 x 2 metres.

Example for how to book a table at a restaurant

● The Midland Lounge, how can I help you?
● I'd like to book a table for tomorrow evening.
● Certainly, for how many people?
● For six, please.
● And what time would you like to dine?
● At 8.30.
● Smoking or non-smoking?
● Non-smoking, please.
● Right, that’s six people for half past eight tomorrow. Ifyou’d just give me your contact details …
● Certainly. It’s for Peter Giles from The Researcher Magazine.
● And can you give me a contact telephone number?
● Yes, its 0179 2255 …
● That’s 0179 2255 …
● Yes, that’s right
● OK, thank you very much. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Intercultural tip
In the United States, Ireland and some parts of the United Kingdom smoking is not allowed in restaurants and bars. If you are in a town where smoking is allowed, you will be offered the choice of smoking or non-smoking.


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