Gespräche höflich und professionell annehmen

Make yourself sound professional with telephone etiquette

In den meisten Fällen rufen Kunden Sie an, wenn sie Informationen benötigen. Mit den folgenden Verhaltens-Tipps klingen Sie am Telefon höflich und professionell, wenn Sie Gespräche annehmen.

Most people use the phone rather than letters or email when they want preliminary information about a product or service. When you answer the phone you are more likely than not the first person a potential customer speaks to. If you want to make sure their first call is not also their last, you need to know not only the right vocabulary but also the basics of telephone etiquette.


➊ Answer promptly, ideally on the second or third ring.

➋ Before picking up the receiver, discontinue anything else you are doing like chewing gum,smoking, typing or talking to a colleague.

➌ Don’t surf on the internet during a call unless you are looking up information for the person you’re talking to. If youdo, you might get what is known as “surfer’s voice“, which is when you talk with someone but don’t give them your full attention.

➍ Speak clearly and in a pleasant tone of voice. Put a mirror on your desk that you can look into when you speak. If you look friendly, chances are you’ll sound friendly.

➎ If you have to leave your desk for something, use the hold button so the caller does not accidentally hear nearby conversations.

➏ If you need to transfer a caller, tell them where you are transferring them to and why. They may not want to be transferred, or they may be calling long-distance and not be prepared to wait.


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