Was wissen Sie über Weihnachen in Großbritannien?

What do you know about Christmas in the UK?

Vieles ist wie hier: Es gibt Geschenke, gutes Essen und einen Tannenbaum. Aber wissen Sie, wie Briten das Weihnachtsfest genau feiern?

If you have ever spent Christmas in Britain you were probably surprised at some of the strange traditions.

Some things are the same – plenty of food, presents, Christmas trees – but others are very different. Do this quiz to see how much you know.

1 The 24th December is  called Christmas Eve, the 25th is Christmas Day.
But what is 26th December called?
a) Football Day
b) Boxing Day
c) Tennis Day

2 On Christmas Eve
a) Shops are open all day
b) Shops are open in the morning
c) Shops are closed

3 Presents are opened
a) On December 24
b) On December 25
c) On December 26

4 At Christmas Dinner in the UK people wear
a) Dinner jackets
b) Brown shoes
c) Paper hats

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1 b – Boxing Day. Traditionally, this is the day people gave Christmas boxes with money or gifts to tradespeople.
2 a – Christmas Eve is spent doing last minute shopping and getting everything ready for Christmas Day.
3 b – Presents are opened on Christmas Morning.  
4 c – They get the paper hats from Christmas crackers, which also include a small gift and a silly joke. The paper hats represent the Three Kings.