Test: Wie heißen Sie internationale Gäste auf Englisch willkommen?

Can you make international visitors feel at home?

Die ersten Fragen, mit denen Sie Besucher begrüßen, sollten professionell und höflich formuliert sein. Ist das Eröffnungsgespräch gelungen, ist die Basis für weitere gute Gespräche gelegt.


Making international visitors feel at home is an essential skill for every secretary or PA. See how professional you are at making visitors feeling welcome with this exercise. Look at the visitor’s replies, then match them with the words you would say.


a Yes, thank you.
b Pleased to meet you, too.
c No, thank you. I’ve been sitting all day.
d Thank you, but no. I’m not hungry.
e Yes please, a coffee would be most welcome.
f No, thank you. I’d rather walk.

Secretary or PA

1 Can I offer you something to eat?
2 Shall I call a taxi?
3 Can I take your coat?
4 Would you care to take a seat?
5 Hello. I’m Jane Surrey’s PA. Pleased to meet you.
6 Can I get you a drink?


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Answers: 1d, 2f, 3a, 4c, 5b, 6e