Test: Sind Sie höflich genug?

Höflichkeit, Respekt und Rücksichtnahme heißen die Zauberworte für gute Umgangsformen. Sie machen das Leben miteinander reibungsloser und schöner. Prüfen Sie mit diesem kleinen Test, wie Sie in alltäglichen Geschäftssituationen in Punkto Höflichkeit abschneiden.


Are you polite enough in everyday business situations? Find out with this test.

1 You’re checking your emails when a business client calls. You

a) tell him you’re busy and will call him right back.
b) continue reading and responding to email while talking to him.
c) put the email on hold until you’ve finished with the phone call.


2 A business associate comes for an appointment with your boss. She has lipstick on her teeth.  What do you do?

a) Pretend you haven’t noticed.
b) Tell her about it.
c) Ask her if she’d like to use the bathroom and hope she’ll notice.

3 Your boss asks you to send out invitations for a formal dinner. When should you send them?

a) two weeks ahead
b) two months ahead
c) four weeks ahead


4 Your boss receives an invitation with RSVP on the bottom. Does this mean

a) please reply either way.
b) a reply is optional.
c) formal dress is required.


5 A client is waiting for your boss in your office. Your boss comes in. Which introduction is correct?

a) Mr Boss, this is Ms Client
b) Ms Client, this is Mr Boss

6 Who goes through a revolving door first?

a) the host
b) the guest


Weitere Tipps zum Thema 'Höflichkeit' finden Sie in Secretary Today

1 – c) Always give callers your full attention.   
2 – b) Tell her politely. This will save her embarrassment.
3 – c)    
4 – a) RSVP stands for ‘Répondez s’il vous plaît’ (French for ‘please answer’ and means you answer in any case.)    
5 – b) The most important person comes first. And the client is always the most important person.
6 – a) The host is then ready to receive the guest on the other side.