So sprechen Sie einen fremden Namen richtig aus

How to pronounce a strange name

Natürlich geben Sie sich größte Mühe, Namen richtig auszuspechen. Aber bei internationalen Gästen will es Ihnen manchmal einfach nicht gelingen. So entschuldigen Sie sich vorab für peinliche Fehler.

You know the embarrassing situation when you have been introduced to someone with a name you can’t pronounce and then you have to introduce this person to someone else? Next time you’re afraid of getting it wrong, try one of these tricks.


  • Preface it with the statement “Now, I’m sorry but I’m afraid I’m going to make a mess of your / her / his name ...” and then make your best attempt.Instead of being insulted, the person in question will probably answer with a smile and either correct you or acknowledge that your attempt was close.  
  • Say “I know I’m going to get it wrong, so would you mind saying your name yourself?” Thentry to repeat it and ask the person if you’ve got it right.


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