Business Etikette: Vorstellen auf Englisch

Business Etiquette – Making introductions

Sie möchten sich auf Englisch vorstellen oder Ihren Chef mit einem neuen Geschäftspartner auf Englisch bekannt machen? So machen Sie das professionell.

In business, men and women are treated as equals, which makes introductions straightforward. You adress the most important person


The general rules are

● The customer is always most senior
The customer automatically takes on the senior role, even if he is 14 old and you are introducing them to your director.
‘Billy, I’d like to introduce you to David Brent, our president. Mr Brent, this is Billy Howarth.’

● Senior person in the company first
‘Mr Brent, may I introduce you to Lucy Davis, our new receptionist. Lucy, this is David Brent, our president.’

● Introducing yourself
Don’t use courtesy titles (Dr, Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms are all courtesy titles) to introduce yourself. If you are introducing yourself at a company function, add your position as well as your name.
‘Hello, I’m Christine Hoffmann, Frank Kaiser’s new assistant.’


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