Begrüßen Sie internationle Gäste freundlich?

Can you make international visitors feel at home?

Gäste freundlich und professionell zu begrüßen, ist eine wichtige Grundlage für gute Geschäftsbeziehungen. Dies fängt schon bei der Begrüßung an. Finden Sie heraus, wie gut Sie mit internationalen Gästen umgehen können

Find the matching phrases to make your visitors feel welcome. For some sentences, there’s more than one right answer.

1 Hello, I’m Michael Scott’s PA. Pleased / Nice / Thankful to meet you.

2 Shall I call / ring / phone a taxi for you?

3 Can I give / get / offer you something to drink?

4 Would you want / mind / care to take a stoll / seat / chair?

5 Can I hold / take / carry your coat?

6 Can I show / introduce / demonstrate you our offices?

7 Did you have a nice / pleasant / joyful trip?

8 I think I talked / spoke / said to you on the phone last week. Nice to finally meet you in reality / person / real.


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1. Pleased, Nice, 2. call, 3. get , offer , 4. care, seat, 5. take, 6. show, 7. nice, pleasent, 8. talked, spoke, person