Amerikanische Gäste begrüßen

How to welcome American guests

Patricia L. aus Stuttgart ist unsicher, wie sie amerikanische Gäste am besten begrüßen sollte.

We have a lot of visitors from the United States. I have heard that people there don’t shake hands as much as here. Do I have to offer my hand when I pickthem up from reception? And what about when they visit the company a second
and third time?

It is true that Americans – and British people – do not shake hands as much as Germans, particularly in their private lives.

In business, however, a handshake is a sign of trust and it is a good idea for you to offer your hand the first time you meet someone. 

If a visitor is staying for a number of days, however, don’t repeat the
process every day.

When you shake the hand of an American business partner

● make eye-contact
● make sure your handshake is not painful
● don’t shake for more than three seconds
● stop and start the handshake ‘crisply’


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