Wie Sie mit untüchtigen Kollegen umgehen

How to deal with an inefficient colleague

Ihre Kollegin macht ständig Fehler, die Sie ausbaden müssen. Wie gehen Sie am besten mir ihr um?

Your boss needs the latest financial data for a PowerPoint presentation tomorrow. You ask the junior secretary to find the data and update the slides. When you check them after she’s left, you see she has not converted the euro figures into dollars. It takes you two hours to sort things out.

Sounds familiar? If you think your colleague is incompetent or not pulling her weight enough, try the following:

● Check at regular intervals that she is getting on with the task.

● Make sure she has done the job properly before she goes home.

● Point out that the job she has been entrusted with is important.

● If this fails, talk to her and ask how you can help her improve her performance.

● If the situation doesn’t improve, raise the issue at a convenient meeting with yourboss and the colleague inquestion.

● At the meeting, stay calm, and don’t only complain butcome up with some ideas for a solution.


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