Wie Sie mit Quasselstrippen umgehen

How to handle a chatterbox

Sie wollen arbeiten, werden aber ständig durch gesprächige Kollegen gestört? So schaffen Sie Abhilfe.

How do you deal with a talkative colleague who keeps coming into your office for a chat when you’re trying to work? Try these three techniques:

1 Keep your distance

Most companies have an open-door policy. If your door is open, don’t look up when someone passes by. Entering into eye-contact with somebody is like inviting them to talk.

2 Stand up when they walk into your work space or office

As soon as you see a chatterbox approaching your desk, stand up. This will make it look as if you are about to go out or do something important. Or try looking at the phone as if you have to make a call.

3 Honesty is the best policy

Be honest. Say something like “I’d love to chat to you, but I haven’t got the time right now. Why don’t we meet over lunch?” If people see you really need to concentrate on your job, and if you’re polite, they will soon start respecting your wishes.


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