Wie sicher Sind Sie im Umgang mit englischen bzw. amerikanischen Geschäftspartnern?

Test your etiquette

Wie sicher sind Sie in Umgang mit Geschäftspartnern aus den USA und Großbritannien? Finden Sie es heraus mit diesem Test.

How polite are you when dealing with American and British business associates? Find out here.


When you sit down for a meal in Britain, you say ‘Enjoy your meal’.
When dining in the US, you can hold your fork in your right hand.  
In the USA you should always give gifts to new business partners at the beginning of negotiations.  
You should always write a thank-you letter after a job interview.  
In Britain, people do not always say their name when they answer the phone.  
When meeting Americans, you shake handsand look at the person’s mouth, not directly into their eyes.


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1 false. If you are at a restaurant, the waiter might say ‘enjoy your meal’ but in
Britain there is no equivalent to the German ‘guten Appetit’. You start eating when the host gives the signal.
2 true. In the U.S. people usually cut their food up into mouthsize bites and eat them with the fork in their right hand.
3 false. American and British partners do not usually give gifts.
4 true. A simple thank-you note is customary, but do not ask if you have been given the job.
5 true. Some people say their telephone number, some just say ‘hello’.
6 false. You should make steady eye contact.