Wie sicher Sind Sie bei der Begrüßung bzw. Verabschiedung?

Wie sicher sind Sie, wenn Sie Kunden, Besucher und Geschäftspartner begrüßen und verabschieden? Wählen Sie die richtigen Antworten für jede der unter beschriebenen Situationen. Manchmal ist mehr als eine Antwort möglich.


Face to face

Decide which two answers are possible in each of the following situations.


1 You meet someone for the first time. They say ‘How do you do’.
You answer: a) Fine thanks, b) Pleased to meet you, c) How do you do.


2 You are offering a visitor a drink. You say ‘Can I offer you anything?’
What do you expect them to answer? a) What do you have? b) No thanks, I’m fine c) If it’s not too much trouble I’d like a coffee.


3 You are visiting another company. Your host says ‘Make yourself at home.’
What do you say? a) Thanks very much. b) I will do. c) That’s very kind.


4 A business associate says ‘How are you?’
What do you answer? a) fine thanks b) Very well, and you? c) Pleased to meet you.


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1 b and c) ‘How do you do’ is a formal phrase. It is not a question.
2 b and c) Answer a is not very polite!
3 a or c) Make yourself at home means ‘fühlen Sie sich wie zu Hause’.
4 a or b) This is a genuine question about your health. Only a short answer is required.