Versuchen Sie diese Tipps, wenn Sie wieder nein sagen müssen

‘Nein’ zu sagen, wenn Ihr Chef zu viel von Ihnen verlangt, ist nicht leicht. Bieten Sie stattdessen Alternativen an. So geht das auf Englisch.


What do you do when your boss is asking too much of you? She wants you to work overtime, to do three of four difficult tasks at once, to come in early three times a week. Just saying “no” will not make you popular , even if you give a reason.


Instead of just saying “no”, try offering two options that work better for you, then let her choose which you should do. For example:

“I can come in early or leave late. Which would you prefer?”
“I can do the translation today and type up the minutes of the meeting on Wednesday. Or I can do the minutes today and the translation on Wednesday. Which would be better?”
“I can come in early on two days for a couple of weeks, or I can work longer . Which days are most important to you?”

By giving your boss some choice, you make a positive impression but retain some autonomy over the best way to offer support in spite of other obligations.


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