Umgang mit dem Chef: 3 Tipps um das Hereinplatzen des Chefs zu verhindern

3 Tips to stop your boss butting into your office

Sie brauchen wirklich Ruhe, umetwasWichtiges zu Ende zu bringen – Ihr Chef wartet schließlich darauf. Doch ständig platzt er herein. Mit diesen drei Tipps lösen Sie das Problem, ohne ihn vor den Kopf zu stoßen.

You want to get some complicated piece of work finished. Your boss needs it urgently. But he or she keeps butting into your office with requests. Try these three tips to stop these unwanted disturbances.

1 Talk to your boss about the best time of day for you both to talk about daily business. Arrange a fixed time to discuss his or her meetings or other regular items. Perhaps first thing in the morning, or later on, when you have gone through the mail.

2 Suggest that your boss sends you emails or writes notes. For example for you to make an appointment with a business partner or check travel arrangements.

3 Point out that you want to be as effective as possible in getting your work done to your boss’s satisfaction and that you need his or her support to do so.


When you’ve reached an agreement, it might take some time before the routine is properly established. Be patient but firm if things don’t run smoothly right away.


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