Talking face-to-face

Diese Punkte sollten Sie beachten, wenn Sie direkt mit Kollegen, Vorgesetzten oder Besuchern sprechen.

Face-to-face communication covers everything from management meetings to picking up visitors from reception to chatting around the water-cooler. It is a very important part of business life in the English-speaking world, where small-talk is rated high.

A lot of English-language communication with the boss, a visitor or the person in the next cubicle, is sandwich communication.

So when you want something done, or when you need to say something important, you put it between two personal comments – like a piece of meat or cheese between two slices of bread.

This is how you can “sandwich”the request for help.

Step 1:

Susanne: Hi, Chris. How’s things? You look busy. Have you got a lot on your plate?
Chris: Oh, Hi, Susanne. I’m fine. How are you doing?

Step 2:

Susanne: Fine, thanks. I was just wondering if you have any time free to look at some figures. I’ve got to prepare them for a presentation and need some help.
Chris: I’m a bit pushed for time at the moment but I’ll see if I can squeeze you in some time tomorrow.

Step 3:

Susanne: Oh, that’s great. Maybe we could go for a couple of beers afterwards.
Chris: That sounds like a nice idea!


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