So wirken Ihre Vorsätze für's neue Jahr garantiert!

Make your New Year’s Resolution work

Nehmen Sie sich etwas vor für das Neue Jahr? Oder sind Sie der Meinung, dass das keinen Zweck hat?

A survey by and AOL shows that only 12 % of the people who make New Year’s Resolutions stick to them for over two months. Those who do last longer have one thing in common – the confidence that they will succeed.

To make your chances better, follow these four guidelines

1 Develop coping strategies to deal with problems that arise. This could be someone to talk to if you need support.

2 Monitor your progress. Keeping a record of your success helps you to carry on.

3 Don’t leave it until the last minute before making your resolution. Last-minute resolutions are easier to break than ones you have planned well in advance.

4 Use positive language. Say “I will eat more healthy food” rather than ‚”I will never eat any more chocolate”. It is part of human nature to want to break strict rules. 

If you succeed, congratulate yourself. If you fail, don’t give up. Only 40 % of the people who successfully achieve their resolution do so at the first attempt. And remember you don’t have to wait until De- cember 31st. You can change your
life every day of the year.


Quiz – What were the top New Year ‘s Resolutions in 2004.

Here are last year’s Top Ten New Year Resolutions. Can you put them in the right order?

● Be more patient with others
● Exercise more
● Eat better
● Lose weight
● Stick to a budget
● Find a better job
● Become a better person
● Stop smoking
● Become better organised
● Save or earn money


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1. Lose weight
2. Stop smoking
3. Stick to a budget
4. Save or earn more money
5. Find a better job
6. Become more organized
7. Exercise more
8. Be more patient with others
9. Eat better
10. Become a better person