So verschaffen Sie sich Gehör

How to talk so people will listen

Erfolgreiche Kommunikation hängt nicht nur von guten Sprachkenntnissen ab, sondern auch vom Inhalt. Das, was Sie sagen, muss für Ihren Gesprächspartner geeignet sein. So verschaffen Sie sich in jeder Situation Gehör.

To communicate effectively, you have to be sure that what you are telling people is

  • interesting 
  • valuable
  • important or 
  • useful

Interesting information is something people like to know. It can also be something amusing or clever.

Valuable information is something that could result in personal gain for the other person.

Important information is something that will result in negative consequences if it is not acted on.

Useful information helps them perform better in their job or in a certain activity.

Always use a short introductory phrase before giving information.

Short introductions for …

… interesting information

This should interest you. It’s about training courses.
Have you heard the latest about
Mary? She's been promoted.


… valuable information

I heard something you might like to know. A client of yours is in trouble.
Did you hear about the special offer for office equipment?


… important information

Listen to this. There’s a new computer virus going around.
Mike, I’ve been looking for you.
You left your car lights on.


… useful information

Here’s something you should find useful. It’s a about train fares.
Look at this, Alice. It’s an article about computer shortcuts.


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