So verhalten Sie sich professionell, wenn Sie Fehler machen

Act professionally if you make a mistake

Fehler zu machen ist keine Schande. Schlimm ist nur, wenn wir versuchen, sie zu vertuschen anstatt die Sache wieder in Ordnung zu bringen.


Everyone makes mistakes. I know I’ve made enough over the years – a misplaced file, a forgotten deadline, a typo in an important document. My reaction is usually anger and frustration.

But making mistakes is no disaster. On the contrary: you can put things right, and, if you behave professionally, you can build a strong working relationship in the process.

Here’s how to come out awinnerwhen you make a mistake.

1. Correct yourmistake at once. The faster you act, the more credible you will appear to others.

2. Apologise sincerely. You won’t seem incompetent, just human. “I’m really sorry this happened. I’ll put it right straight away.”

3.Once you’ve got it sorted out, figure out why you made the mistake. Perhaps you didn’t understand a process properly, or you were tired. Whatever the reason, knowingwhat itwaswill help you prevent mistakes in future.

4. Keep a record of mistakes you make, their causes and their solutions. Reviewthe list fromtime to time so they don’t happen again.


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