So überzeugen Sie Ihren Chef, dass eine Forbildung notwendig ist

How to persuade your boss to give you training opportunities

Sie wollen sich weiterbilden? So überzeugen Sie Ihren Chef, dass die Fortbildung notwendig ist.

In most organisations, the higher-ups get all the perks. They can go to seminars and conferences without having to  justify their reasons. So how can you get your boss to see that a training course would be just right for you as well?

Next time you see a course you would like to go to, say ‘I’d really like to take advantage of a training course. I’ve been looking for a suitable one for some time and I think this one would be really good. I feel it would be a great opportunity to learn some new communication / office management / technical skills. What do you think?’

By describing what you hope to achieve from the course and then asking your boss what he or she thinks, you are letting them decide.

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