So setzten Sie Ihre Interessen in Gesprächen durch

3 tips for winning the upper hand in discussions

Gespräche, in denen Sie mit Ihrem Gegenüber nicht einer Meinung sind, gibt es im Berufsleben fast jeden Tag. So setzen Sie Ihre Interessen durch, ohne Ihren Gesprächspartner zu brüskieren.


Reaching agreements with co-workers is part of everyday life for most secretaries and PAs. These 3 tips will help you win the upper hand without affronting the other person.


1 Let them decide

Your team has more work than usual. Your boss wants it all done today. Instead of telling them to work twice as fast, say you know they can do it. Say something like

  • If we all do our best we can get this finished by this evening, don’t you think?

2 Strengthen their feeling of team-spirit

Advertisers use this trick successfully, so why shouldn’t you? Start byour sentences with “we want”, “we can” or “we should”.


3 Show you are interested

Whether you are dealing with your boss, a customer or your co-workers, everybody likes talking about themselves. Develop an interest in the people you are dealing with. Show them you are interested and that you understand any problems they have. If they know you care about them, they are more likely to go along with your wishes.


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