So sagen Sie höflich nein

How to say ‘no’ – nicely!

Sympathisch Nein sagen fällt oft nicht leicht. Und vor lauter Angst, zickig oder unkollegial zu wirken, sagen wir dann doch ja. Lesen Sie, wie Sie Nein sagen – und dabei sympathisch bleiben.

It isn’t always easy to say “no”. In fact, most of us are frightened of saying it. We are frightened because we think:

  • others will feel angry or hurt if I say ‘No’
  • they will stop liking me
  • they will find me rude / selfish / unhelpful
  • others’ needs are bound to be more important than mine
  • if I say ‘No’, they won’t help me when I need help

So for one or more of these reasons we say ‘Yes’, against our better judgement.

Next time you’re about to say ‘Yes’ when you really mean ‘No’, try the following response

“I prefer not to right now because …”


Use a firm, steady voice and maintain eye contact to send out a clear nonverbal ‘No’ message. Make sure you slow down, as fast shortish replies can sound abrupt.


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