So können Sie Ihren Chef überzeugen, dass eine Fortbildung notwendig ist

Can you persuade your boss to give you training opportunities?

Stetige Weiterbildung ist unerlässlich, wenn Sie auf dem neuesten Stand in Ihrem Beruf bleiben wollen, aber weiß das auch Ihr Chef? So überzeugen Sie ihn , dass die Fortbildung notwendig ist.

You’ve seen a course you’d like to go on. Do you know how to persuade your boss that it is necessary?

Here is what you could say to get the message over effectively in four sentences – but the words in the sentences are jumbled up. Put them in the right order to find the words to persuade your boss:

1) take - like - to - training - I’d - advantage - of - course - really - a.

2) time - some - been - a - suitable - for - I’ve - and - this - one - looking - for - I - one - would - just - think - be - thing - right - the.

3) It - give - me - would - an - some - communication - to - opportunity - learn - skills - new.

4) you - can - I’ll - the - you - what - brochure - show - and - you - see - think.


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Answers: I’d really like to take advantage of a training course. I’ve been looking for a suitable one for some time and I think this one would be just the right thing. It would give me an opportunity to learn some new communication skills. I’ll show you the brochure and you can see what you think.