So helfen Sie Ihrem Chef bei der Entscheidungsfindung

Als Assistentin und Sekretärin gehört es auch zu Ihren Aufgaben, für Ihren Chef oder Ihre Chefin objektive Entscheidungsgrundlagen zu schaffen, die ihm oder ihr dieWahl zwischen zwei Entscheidungsmöglichkeiten erleichtern. So gehen Sie dabei vor.


One of your jobs as a PA or secretary is to help your boss make the right decision. Here are 3 tips to help you help your boss.


1 Collect all relevant information

Collect all the information you can about the decision that has to be
made, for example:

  • ask your co-workers for their opinion
  • look for relevant sections in reports and the minutes of meetings
  • check the internet for any helpful sites


2 Sort the information out

  • look at the pros and cons of each alternative
  • point out any consequences


3 Give your boss all the facts

When you give your boss all the information you have gathered, make sure he or she can take it all in quickly by

  • only including points that are really relevant
  • giving a short explanation of the information
  • making sure the information is easy to understand (lists, charts, illustrations, figures)
  • pointing out any alternatives you can see


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