So helfen Sie einem sehr selbstständigen Chef

What to do when your new boss is too independent

Ihr neuer Chef oder Ihre neue Chefin hat noch nie eine Sekretärin gehabt und macht alles selbst. Für Sie ist das selbstverständlich frustrierend. So machen Sie sich bemerkbar und bieten IhreMitarbeit an.

You may know the problem. Your new boss hasn’t had a secretary or PA before. He or she insists on doing all the work and doesn’t delegate anything to you. How can you nudge him or her to give you more work, and more responsibility?

The first thing to do is to request a meeting with your new boss ASAP to discuss expectations and to find out how you can support him or her from the start. Let your boss know what you are capable of doing and point out that you would like to learn to go forward.


Here are some useful phrases

  • I wonder if we could get together to talk about my responsibilities.
  • I’d really like to talk with you about how I can support you best.
  • I’m sure I can take a lot of that routine work off your hands.


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