So gehen Sie am Besten mit einem unnahbaren Chef um

How to work with an aloof boss


Fühlen Sie sich unwohl, weil Ihr Chef kühl und unfreundlich ist? Vielleicht steht er nur ständig unter Zeitdruck. So können Sie ihmdurch geschickte Kommunikation helfen, sich zu öffnen.


Do you feel uncomfortable at work because your boss is aloof? Maybe he or she is just under a lot of pressure. Try to get him or her to open up before things get too busy in the office. Perhaps first thing in the morning before the phones start ringing or late in the day. You can break the ice by asking office questions like “Anything new on the schedule this morning that I need to be aware of?”

Or tell him or her something you think might be interesting, “By the way, the two new sales reps are starting work today. I thought you might want to meet them.” It is through communication that your boss will open up.



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