So bekommen Sie, was Sie wollen - mit Kaffee!

Get what you want – with coffee

Wollen Sie Ihren Chef von einer guten Idee überzeugen, sollten Sie ihm zuerst einen Kaffee anbieten. Denn neuesten Forschungs-ergebnissen zufolge neigen wir nach Kaffeegenuss eher dazu, ‘ja’ zu sagen.

Australian scientists have discovered that coffee can increase people’s willingness to say ‘yes’. The researchers from the University of Queensland found out that we are more likely to agree with persuasive arguments after drinking a cup of coffee or another drink that contains caffeine.


Two cups of the beverage are enough to make us say yes to a suggestion we don’t actually agree with, say the scientists in the European Journal of Social Psychology. It could be because caffeine increases our powers of observation and capacity to think logically.

What are the consequences for you as a secretary? If you want to ask for something special – more responsibility, some time off, a pay rise, wait until your boss has drunk at least two cups of coffee before making your request.

Of course, if your boss does not drink coffee, cola or tea, you’re just going to have to make sure that you have the better arguments!


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