Neue Erfindungen für Ihr Büro

What’s new in the Office?

Wollen Sie sich vor neugierigen Augen und Ohren besser abschirmen? Zwei neue Erfindungen können Ihnen helfen.

If you or your boss need to protect your privacy at work, you might want to check out these two new gadgets.


1. The StealthSwitch is a device that protects you from prying eyes. If you’re looking at something highly confidential and someone comes by, a click on a footswitch underneath your desk will immediately hide all windows and replace them with a document of your choice, like an Excel spreadsheet. It does not only hide the window you are looking at but all open ones – except ones you want left open.

It works with virtually any Windows application.
Price: 40 dollars.


2. If you work in an open-plan office, you might be interested in a Hermann Miller’s new invention, Babble. Babble is a sound management tool that lets you
have confidential telephone calls without being overheard. Attached to the telephone, Bab- ble picks up your voice and converts it into sound without
meaning.  Anyone passing by your work-space will hear the sound of your voice, but won’t be able to understand what you are saying.

The device cost 400 dollars.


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