Nehmen Sie es nicht persönlich!

Your boss or a colleague criticises you? Don’t take it personally!

Tappen Sie nicht in die typisch weibliche Falle, indem Sie das Verhalten Ihres Chefs oder Ihrer Kollegen persönlich nehmen.

Taking things personally is a typically feminine trap. Why? Because we women instinctively detect and interpret subtle signs. We sense what other people are feeling – anger, turmoil, sadness – even whenthey don’t say anything. The feeling is unclear , in the air , and we interpret it as being against us.


For example, your boss comes into the office in the morning, storms past your door without saying ‘good morning’ and closes her office door behind her. Something is obviously wrong. Your reaction is to ask yourself ‘What have I done wrong? Is she angry with me? Was there something wrong with the presentation I prepared?’


Stop right here!

Instead of putting the blame on yourself ask yourself what could have happened. Perhaps she had an argument with her partner, or maybe she took an important call in the car and wants to get down to work on it straight away. Perhaps she’s just in a bad mood for no particular reason.


Think back

How many times have you thought something was your fault? And how many times was the reason something completely different? If you still can’t turn off those negative thoughts stand up and go to the window. Take a deep breath. Force yourself to think of something else.

If the feeling won’t go away for one or two days, approach your boss and ask directly what the problem is and if there is anything you can do to help.


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