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Eight tips to help you say what you mean

Gibt es immer wieder Situationen, in denen Sie etwas sagen möchten und es doch nicht tun? Haben Sie Angst, Ihrem Chef Ihre Meinung zu sagen oder mit Ihrer Meinung Kollegen zu verletzen? Schluss damit!

Do you know the situation? You have a new colleague and you’re showing her the ropes. She is not very self-confident and still not sure what she has to do and she keeps coming and asking questions.

On the one hand, you understand that she needs help, on the other hand she keeps barging in without asking if she’s interrupting you.


This is how to handle the situation

1 Talk about yourself, not her
“I’m sorry but I have so much to do that I can’t help you right now.”

2 Tell her how you feel

“I’m under a lot of time pressure” or “I’m afraid I can’t work well with all these interruptions.”

3 Avoid putting the blame on her

Don’t say “You keep disturbing me, you’re stopping me from working.”

4 Demonstrate empathy

“I know that you still need to know a lot of things. You’re asking really important questions.”

5 Tell her why you’re acting like you are
“I really have to get this report ready for the meeting tomorrow. I have to concentrate very hard.”

6 Say what you need

“I need to be  left in peace for the next two hours.”

7 Find solutions

“Why don’t you write all your questions down and we can talk ab-
out them in peace at a fixed time?”

8 Ask her to find solutions
“Or do you have any good ideas how we could go ahead?”


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