Hat Ihr Chef einen schwierigen Charakter?

Types of boss – the nit picker

The nit picker, also known as the hair splitter, detail freak or pedant, is the secretary’s nightmare. Not even the most insignificant typo escapes his gaze.

He reads every word in every document and always finds something to improve.

He knows all about apostrophes, semi-colons and capital letters, has little or no sense of humour, works late into the night, poring over documents, pen poised to make corrections.

Working for a nit picker is not much fun. You’ll spend a lot of your time asking yourself what you did wrong. And you’ll spend hours  correcting documents long after everyone else has gone home.

How to protect yourself

The only way to protect yourself is to develop a thick skin.

Don’t take everything personally, and have the courage to tell him you’re unhappy at the amount of criticism you feel you are receiving, and that you can’t do overtime every day.  


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