Entlasten Sie Ihren Chef und denken effektiv mit!

Für eine gute Sekretärin ist es wichtig, auch über den Tellerrand hinauszugucken. Denn nur wenn Sie mitdenken, können Sie Ihren Chef wirklich entlasten. Testen Sie hier, wie weit Sie mitdenken.

1 When negotiating with a vendor it’s best to

A. Evaluate the value you are receiving in addition to cost.
B. Pit one supplier against another to drive down prices.

A. Great! You have the big-picture approach.
B. This may alienate the vendors you’ll be working with in future.


2 Your boss has to give a lastminute presentation. He tells you the topic and disappears into his office to make phone calls. What do you do?

A. Start collecting information and preparing handouts.
B. Knock on his door to see if he needs any help.

A. Correct! You sense what your boss needs.
B. If you know what your boss needs, you should be able to help without interrupting.


3 You hear that very heavy storms are expected for Friday, the very day managers from six different cities are due for an important meeting. What do you do?

A. Suggest postponing the meeting.
B. Suggest a videoconference.

A. No. It may be too important to postpone.
B. Yes! You’re using technology to keep business on track and also keeping costs down.


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